Carpet cleaning for high traffic areas

When it comes to carpet cleaning for high traffic areas it seems to be everyone’s worst nightmare. When we say ‘high traffic areas’ we’re referring to the places when people frequent most.  The obvious spots being doorways and entrances, bases of lounges and around the bed.  These spots in particular are prone to wearing and carpet soiling.  To prevent your carpets from getting damaged in high-traffic areas you really need to look after it.  The best way to do this would be through professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning and High Traffic Areas Don’t Mix

The best way to prolong the life of your carpet would be to stop stepping on it.  Seeing as this option isn’t practical, you might need a plan B.  A good plan B that most people choose is professional carpet cleaning.  By having your carpets regularly cleaned professionally you can improve the overall longevity of them.  Not only will their lifespan increase but the carpet’s appearance will also improve.  Levels of allergens and odours will also be drastically reduced.

Why are high traffic areas affected so much?

Whether or not you have a no-shoe rule imposed at home, dirt will always find its way to your carpets. High traffic areas are generally those that we simply can’t avoid.  Whilst using shoes it’s obvious how the dirt can build-up and spread throughout the carpet, but when we go bare-foot or with socks, we quite often collect dirt that has been brought in by a draught.  Although it wouldn’t be such a problem in the lower-traffic areas but seeing as we need to use our entranceways and we’re constantly frequenting our beds and couches, we tend to get this general ware and discolouring around these areas.

In order to treat the general wear on these spots, our professional carpet cleaning team will perform a method known as ‘hot water extraction’. By using hot water extraction, no harsh chemicals or smells are washed through the carpet.  Instead, the carpets experience a thorough clean which takes out any dirt and grime that has been built up in it.  By having your carpets regularly professionally cleaned, you can reduce the signs of such areas being affected by the foot traffic.

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