Leather Lounge Cleaning

Everyone that has set on a really comfortable rug will understand how nice it is sit on a freshly cleaned rug as opposed to a grime-filled rug. Quite often, rugs are overlooked when it comes to cleaning time.  A lot of homes will have their carpets steam cleaned whilst neglecting to also get their rugs steam cleaned.  But why is it so important to have them cleaned regularly?

For a lot of homes, rugs are used as a comfortable area for children, adults and even pets to play on. They are a high-traffic area and generally have people passing by them multiple times a day.  With all this activity on the rug, it’s essential to keep it clean.

The biggest reason for having your rugs steam cleaned?

One of the biggest reasons that people have their rugs steam cleaned is due to hygiene.  Rug owners are realising that even though a rug may appear clean at a superficial level, their fibres are generally thicker and deeper to that of regular carpet.  What does that mean?  It means that there is a greater chance for germs and bacteria to hide and go unnoticed.

As we mentioned earlier, with rugs being used extensively by children, pets and even adults, maintaining a high level of hygiene is crucial.  You’re not only getting your rugs steam cleaned to improve their appearance and feel, but you’re doing it so that they contain less germs, bacteria, pet dander and dirt.  By improving the general state of your rugs you can help reduce the amount of allergens and dust that hides within the fibres.  If anyone in your family is affected by asthma, this could help them a lot.

Is it expensive to get your rugs steam cleaned?

The quick answer, not really!  As a matter of fact if you spend over $80 in having us steam clean your carpets, we’ll steam clean one of your rugs FREE.  This is just one of the fantastic offers that we have at Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne.

For more information on our professional carpet cleaning services, feel free to visit our page “Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne”.  If you’d like for us to steam clean your rugs then try calling one of our cleaning professionals today on 0438 554 830.