When wanting to remove stains from your carpets or evening when trying to improve the general look of them, you should always do some research behind the products you’re using. Supermarket carpet stain removers have always been a popular choice. Many consumers will purchase the product and disregard the label on the back. It’s crucial that you don’t make this mistake also. Why? We’ll explain below.

Think before using supermarket carpet stain removers 

When purchasing a carpet cleaning product from your local supermarket, you should always do your own research. Be sure to look at what the product actually contain. With the majority of these carpet stain removers, you will notice on the packaging (in small fine print), that they contain agents. Not only can these agents be detrimental to your carpets, but they can also potentially be hazardous to your kids and pets.

When applying these carpet sprays, it is not uncommon to think that they’re going to work fantastically. And why wouldn’t you think that? The packaging is amazing, and the method is simple. The reality is though, you could end up spending more time and money to redo the ‘cleaning’ that was done. A lot of these supermarket carpet stain removers will leave ‘foam’ on your carpet. This actually attracts more dirt and can lead to deeper carpet stains. When using these chemicals for a long period of time they can also damage your carpet fibres.

Furthermore, you run the risk of your pets and children being affected by these products. Unless you can be 100% sure that there are no harsh chemicals used, you can never be positive if your pets or children are going to react badly.

At Wizard Cleaning Melbourne, we offer a deep carpet clean service which will remove those well-ingrained stains and grime from your carpet. Our methods are completely pet and child safe, so you won’t have to worry about anyone reacting badly. Also, by using our professional ‘hot water extraction’ method, you can ensure that not only the carpets will be cleaner, but they’ll also look and smell fresher.

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