A lot of the time we are called to our customer’s homes that have allergies. Either a single family member suffers from them, or nearly everybody does. It’s not rare that we will also meet customers that don’t know why their allergies are so bad when they’re at home.

Why dirty carpets and allergies don’t mix

So, why dirty carpets and allergies don’t mix?

More often than not, a lot of these allergy sufferers are dealing with carpets that are filled with dirt and dust mites. A lot of these people don’t even realise that it’s actually affecting them. They will continually put up with the itchy eyes and respiratory problems, as they’re unsure as to what’s causing it.

At Wizard Cleaning Melbourne, we are very strong believes in trying to rid your carpets of these unwanted allergens. And it is through our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that we’re able to do this. We use a method of which is called Steam Carpet Cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning will essentially penetrate the carpets fibres and reach those ingrained, hard to remove stains. What it will also do is help to remove those near invisible dust mites from your carpets. Being completely pet and child safe, our Steam Carpet Cleaning methods will help ensure that those affected by dust allergens can finally rest.

Most of our customers that react badly to dust mites will have us give their carpets a deep, thorough clean every 6 months. This is actually the recommended time as it helps reduce the overall build-up of dust mites and other allergens including pollen, animal dander and mould.

If you’re finding that you or your family have been suffering from itchy eyes, respiratory problems and general itchiness all over the body whenever you become in contact with the carpet, it’s quite possible that you suffer from allergies. If so, feel free to contact Wizard Cleaning, Melbourne’s professional cleaning service company on 0438 554 830. Also, feel free read some more information on our Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning methods HERE.