End of lease cleaning

When vacating your rental property, a professional end of lease clean makes it easier to get your bond back.

There is nothing more frightening than moving your furniture out after a long time in a rental property and finding marks on the landlord’s carpet, or obvious tile and grout mess in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. These areas are the most noticeable when Real Estate Agents point out the areas you failed to clean up. Over time these missed spots accumulate more dirt and more grime, building distinct differences between maintained floor areas and the areas that have not been maintained so well.

If you’re lucky enough, you may have been renting a furnished household, yet in the same breath, means more cleaning and more upkeep. As experienced floor cleaners, tile and grout cleaners and upholstery cleaners, we have indeed helped many tenants get their bond back in to their hands. Here are a few obvious, yet important tips to help for a smooth and easy exit out of the old property, and into the new.

Tip #1: Vacate Carpet Cleaning:

Many Real Estate Agents actually request steam carpet cleaning over dry clean for end of lease or vacate carpet cleans, as it provides a deeper clean and generally includes a sanitise and deodorise and a receipt on the spot! Check out our Carpet Cleaning page and specials today.

To make for a quick and easy exit carpet clean, maintenance of your carpets on a regular basis whilst you are leasing is ideal. A regular vacuum at least twice a week will pick up most of the surface dirt and prevent soil build up.

When venturing into commercial products, be sure to check what carpet type you are looking to clean or test a small inconspicuous patch first. Ideally, a professional carpet steam clean would be cheaper and faster. With prices from only $90 for three rooms steam carpet cleaned (36m2)… With Wizard, you will save more money than using multiple carpet cleaning products and DIY machines. 

Tip #2: Vacate Upholstery Cleaning:

If you have rented a property which is fully-furnished then all aspects of the property are on show and judged by the real estate agent as just as important to maintain as anything else. Hire us to clean your upholstery. The sanitisation and steam process for the fabric furniture will enhance the appearance bringing the fibers back to life! Check out our Upholstery page and specials today.

Tip #3: Vacate Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Tile and Grout Cleaning brings your tiled area back to life, whilst removing hard to reach scum, dirt and grime. Commonly laid grout is porous and over time with everyday wear and tear and common spills, your tiled flooring can look worse for wear.

During your lease, be sure to clean your tiles and grout regularly, being sure not to use harsh chemicals which eat away at the grout. If you are unable to maintain the tiled areas or lift those grout stains, hire a professional for a deeper clean.

Professional Tile and Grout cleaning will deliver results that you simply cannot achieve with off-the-shelf products and save you a lot of time and hassle getting that bond back! Check out our Tile and Grout Cleaning page and specials today.