These days we are conscious of our health and that of our family. If you run a small business you are conscious of your reputation and the safety and well being of your employees and customers. So all the more reason to maintain an important cleaning regime, which includes carpet steam cleaning.

It may seem biased, however there is a reason we are so passionate here at Wizard about cleaning in general, yet equally passionate about the importance of a regular carpet clean. So what are our top 5 reasons why you should include a professional steam clean at least twice a year? Let’s start with the environment.

1. Nature is served – with Chemical Free Cleaning:

Steam cleaning and the process of hot water extraction is a safe way to sanitise and revitalise your carpets and fabric furniture. You have seen numerous advertisements on hand held steam sanitising devices and full-length steam mops, and know the power of steam and the hot water extraction process, not only sanitises your home, yet minus the harsh chemicals, is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning. At Wizard we DO NOT use any harsh chemicals, and therefore are not washing toxic chemicals in to our waterways; we are effectively and safely making your home cleaner. All of our products are safe to use around children and pets, and we recycle the water back into customer’s gardens as part of our environmentally friendly service.

2. Reduce the nasties causing disruption to your health:

E. Coli – not a word we like to hear. Mould – a hazardous and often inconspicuous and potentially harmful pathogen living in your carpets.

High traffic areas in your home experience spills, collect dirt, food particles and other particles we dare not think about. So why hot water extraction, or what’s commonly referred to as steam cleaning? Our solution combined with the tiny hot vapour molecules are injected in between the carpet fibres, and expanding upon impact with the cool carpet fibres, they push the dirt to the surface, and our powerful machines vacuum and extract the dirt and grime. This carpet cleaning process is effective in eliminating the nastiest of germs and bacteria, which leads to allergies, skin irritations, viruses and more.

3. Breath easier for all of you experiencing respiratory issues:

Asthma is a common and growing health concern today. Asthma and respiratory specialists will often recommend a number of ways to make the surrounding environment more asthma friendly. One of the first recommendations is to reduce dust mites in the home in particular, as these are the number one triggers for allergies, irritations and breathing issues. Dust mites feed on human skin flakes, and our beds, pillows and couches, are the perfect microhabitat.

In our research we found this horrible fact: Dust mites practice coprophagia, meaning, in lean times, they will use their own faecal pellets as a food source. The mite’s gut contains potent digestive enzymes (notably proteases) that persist in their faeces and are major inducers of allergic reactions such as wheezing. The mite’s exoskeleton can also contribute to allergic reactions. * A single dust mite can produce up to 20 faecal pellets per day (therefore, an average-sized colony of 2 million dust mites living within a mattress will produce 40 million faecal pellets per day.^

There is no one simple way to rid these mites, yet consider steam cleaning to reduce dust mite populations, and a HEPA filter vacuum for or commonly used rooms or for rooms high in dust mites. HEPA filters filter dust mites out of the air and help dispose of allergens in the room, and with a hot water extraction process, the dust mites that are caught cannot survive! •

While not every dust mite can be rid of with a carpet steam clean, a regular clean will assist with a general asthma and respiratory regime. Mattresses are also one to be host to these mites, and a steam mattress clean along with a decent protective cover, will go a long way, as will steam cleaning your fabric and upholstery. We can help with all of this too.

4. A clean and safe working environment:

Your office is not much different from a home. Most offices have carpet throughout for comfort, yet with this comes the dust mite and other pathogens as mentioned above. So a regular steam carpet clean will benefit your employees, by reducing the irritable little mites from being kicked up off the floor, in to the air vents and recycled throughout the office.

Steam carpet cleaning is also a cost effective and fast way to a thorough clean, whilst ensuring the right maintenance of your office floors.

5. Aesthetically pleasing:

It goes without saying that a regular carpet steam clean will prolong the life of your carpet, and make your home and business inviting. As there are no harsh chemicals eating away at your carpets, floors and fabric furniture, your carpet will look better for longer. You will be surprised at the vibrancy a hot water extraction clean will put back in to your carpets. Take a look.

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Think of the cost you will save your home budget and business budget when you steam clean your floors, in comparison to replacing them at 1/10th of the cost if you abide by the rule of thumb: for every $1000 spent replacing carpet, just $100 would be needed to clean it!

So there you have it. The top 5 reasons you should add a steam carpet clean, or a steam rug clean and even a couch steam clean to your summer cleaning schedule.


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