Looking for that right carpet cleaning company can often be tricky. Just like using any company or service for the first time, many questions usually arise around ‘who would be the best fit?’. To find the answers without any direction can be a little challenging, so we’re going to dedicate this next blog to helping you find the right carpet cleaning company.

Where to start from

First of all, when choosing your next carpet cleaning, it’s first important to do a little research and identify the type of cleaning service you require. For example, are you after someone to just come in and vacuum your carpets, are you looking for dry carpet cleaning or professional steam cleaning. Knowing the differences and the benefits of each option will help guide you through the next steps.

How credible are they

During your research, you’ll likely come across various ways to check for a company’s credibility. A couple of these may include:

  • Seeing if they’re active on socials
  • Posting of ‘actual’ customer testimonials
  • Recent Google Reviews

If the company has a healthy combination of the above, then you’re likely on the right track when it comes to them being a credible company. The quality of their work will also likely be reflected in these findings.

Are you supporting a local business or not

Although not 100% necessary, it’s more a question of standards and ethics. At Wizard Carpet, Tile & Grout Cleaning, we strongly believe in supporting local businesses. The majority of these will be family-run, and knowing that the money paid for their service is aimed at supporting them can be a ‘feel-good’ decision. There are certain companies out there that pose as local ones, so be sure to look around.

Have they got the necessary insurances

With whichever company you decide to go ahead with, we always recommend doing your due diligence and ensuring that they have the required insurances before hiring them. Finding this out after an issue happens can be a costly mistake.

If you would like any more information or tips on finding the right carpet cleaning company for your needs, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly team members as we’d love to assist. To speak with us or book your next clean, you can either contact us on 0438 554 830 or leave us an enquiry HERE.