Carpet Cleaner in Melbourne

It might not sound like the most obvious statement, but in fact, a lot of money (and time) can be saved by using professional carpet cleaners. In this blog, we’ll explore the three main ways one can save when it comes to having healthier, happier and cleaner carpets.

1. Save on hiring equipment & cleaning products

It’s not uncommon for us to hear from a customer that they had decided to give their carpets a steam clean by going about it themselves in hope of saving some extra money. More times than not, this will generally leave the customer feeling disappointed when they take into consideration the cost of hiring the cleaning equipment PLUS the required cleaning products. A lot of the time, customers have assumed that getting their carpets professionally cleaned would be a luxury that only some could afford, when in fact, if you compare it to getting everything yourself, it can actually be quite affordable.

2. Replace your carpets less often

The more stains you develop in your carpet, the more strange smells that occur and the more mould that develops over time are all very popular reasons as to why someone would want to get their carpets replaced. The good news is that with regular professional carpet cleaning (once or twice a year), this actually helps to eliminate all the above issues and increases the longevity of your carpets, therefore delaying needing to spend money on replacing them. When it comes to any of these problems though, it’s always best to get them treated as early as possible as they can be more challenging to remove the longer you wait.

3. Use your time elsewhere

As well as costing a lot of money to steam clean your carpets yourself, it can actually take a lot of time to do. Not only do you need to factor in driving to pick up the hire machine, buying the products and then returning the machine, but you also need to consider set up, pack up and then the actual use time!

Steam carpet cleaning isn’t a skill that’s picked up overnight – it can take quite a while to become effective and efficient at steam cleaning carpets which is why most people are in for a rude shock when they attempt it for themselves. With that being said, we can see a humorous side to cleaning your carpets yourself as it could almost be a novelty that brings enjoyment, but at the end of the day, they’re your carpets and you should be giving them the best attention possible.

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