How to remove coffee stains from your carpet

Coffee stains on your beautiful carpet can ruin the entire effect. You need to try and get rid of the coffee stain as soon as possible to avoid it from becoming a permanent fixture of the carpet. You should at least try to minimize the stain until you can ring Wizard Cleaning who knows the proper ins and outs of carpet cleaning. In this article, we get down and dirty on the best tips for removing coffee stains from your carpet, or at least, how to minimize the damage.

Act fast to minimise the damage of coffee stains in your carpet

As soon as the coffee splits, blot it up with a paper or a cloth towel or your wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Initially, apply gentle pressure to prevent the liquid from spreading further and slowly increase the pressure using a fresh towel. Keep on changing towels until the stain stops coming off and staining the towels.

Use lukewarm water straight away – NOT COLD

Once dry towels cease to be effective, carefully sponge in some lukewarm water on to the stain and use more towels to absorb the mixture of water and coffee. Avoid rubbing the carpet with the towel, instead simply blot it. Keep on doing this until it stops providing the desired results.

Use a cleaning solution – but only if you are sure your fabric or carpet will not be damaged

Remember: If in doubt call Wizard Cleaning – Your local Melbourne carpet cleaning service

If the stain remains even after you apply the above solutions immediately, use a blend 75 milliliters of white vinegar to 150 milliliters of water and spray the solution on to the stain. Use a paper or a cloth towel to blot up the liquid. Keep on blotting until the towels stop absorbing the stain. Afterwards, rinse the affected area with cold water and pat it dry. Alternately, you could use a mix a tablespoonful of mild dishwashing detergent with about a liter of water and sponge this solution on to the affected area. Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove the liquid.

Use a fan to dry the area as fast as possible for best results