Christmas is fast approaching and instead of relaxing into the festive season, most of us have other worries on our minds such as; what presents to buy, what to cook for Christmas lunch, how will the lawns look, and will the house be cleaned in time? If you’ve found yourself in this situation, then don’t fret as you’re not alone.  When we let ourselves become overwhelmed with these jobs, we tend to forget about some really important cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning.

Many people will just brush off carpet cleaning and think “I’ll just vacuum before everyone comes over”. By doing this, you’re not truly preparing your home for your family and guests.  Carpet cleaning has proven to be a major component of all Christmas cleaning duties.  Besides making the house look clean and tidy, there is also a huge hygiene benefit which should not be ignored.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, carpet cleaning can have an entire range of benefits when it comes to preparing your home for Christmas.  More often than not, children will receive their gifts on the floor which means direct contact with all the germs and bacteria that have built up over the year. After lunchtime, the carpet usually becomes a popular space for the family to interact on and play with their gifts.  By simply vacuuming over your carpets before Christmas, you’ll essentially be removing the obvious superficial debris that sits on them.

So what happens to all the germs and bacteria?

They stay!  Without giving your carpets a good, thorough clean, you shouldn’t expect to have a playing area that is actually clean.  In order to effectively help remove all those nasties from your carpet’s fibres, you could always rent some high-quality cleaning equipment and do it yourself.  This option will, of course, end up quite costly once you consider the machine rental and cleaning products .. not to mention it will probably be quite time-consuming.

What’s the other option?

Professional carpet cleaning!  At Wizard Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning, we specialise in providing professional carpet cleaning services to homes and businesses in Melbourne.  Coming into this Christmas period we understand that it may be hard trying to find the time to do it yourself.  By allowing one of our professionals handle your floors for you, you can focus on the other stack of tasks you have pending.

For more information on our carpet cleaning services, please don’t hesitate in getting in contact with a team member today.  You may contact us on 0438 554 830 or leave us an enquiry HERE.